Yoga by the lake (Lausanne)

Start your day with a yoga lesson to greet the day. The course takes place at the terrace of the Restaurant The Water Gate (Vidy). The 60-minute lesson includes dynamic and stabilizing elements (vinyasa) as well as a rounded relaxation sequence. The course is aimed at both experienced yoginis and beginners. 


Yoga is a science that has been practiced for over 5000 years. Some define it as a holistic health system whose practice can lead us to an optimal state of health. Traditional medicine has also begun to recognize the value and relevance of yoga practice. In fact, yoga leads to a better perception of the needs of one’s own body in a very natural way.

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We have been active in the dance scene for years and have been passing this knowledge on with passion just as long. Dancing and travelling belong together for us. The dance styles we teach today are inspired from all over the world. Whether young or old, we not only teach you dancing, we also tell you how and where the dance steps came into being.

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